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Origin: Mainland China

Material: Oxford cloth+Micro fiber

Item name: Patient transferring board belt,Auxiliary belt

Application: for turning over patients,elders,bedridden,disabled


Patient Transfer Belt Waterproof Aids Correction Suitable Disabilities Bedridden People Lift Sling Elderly Nursing Moving Belt

1. The use of new waterproof and abrasion resistant materials reduces the friction with the bed surface and is more convenient to use.
2. This product is easy to operate, rotate left and right, and can be operated with one pull.
3. The transfer belt is lengthened, so that the friction between the body and the transfer belt can be better utilized, so that the patient can easily turn over and facilitate nursing.
4. The turning angle can be changed at will, 20 degrees, 30 degrees, 40 degrees, better anti‑bedsore effect
5. Suitable for people with disabilities, bedridden people and people with stroke and hemiplegia.

Condition:100% Brand New
Item Type: Patient Transfer Belt
Material: Oxford Cloth
Applicable People: Disabled or inconvenient, bedridden, stroke hemiplegia, etc.
Size: Approx. 145 x 30cm/57.1 x 11.8in
Bearing Weight: 100KG

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