2 Player Navy Battleship Marbles Game Fun Gift for All Ages  YEXS

2 Player Navy Battleship Marbles Game Fun Gift for All Ages - YEXS

Color: Polychrome

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  • Title: Navy Battleship Shooting Board Game
  • Key Features:
  1. 2 Player Battle Shooting: This board game allows two players to engage in a thrilling battle shooting game, making it ideal for family parties and game nights.
  2. Marbles Game: The game involves shooting marbles at enemy battleships, providing a fun and exciting gameplay experience.
  3. Suitable for Adults and Kids: Designed for both adults and kids, this game provides entertainment for the whole family.
  4. Perfect Birthday or Gaming Gift: The Navy Battleship Shooting Board Game makes an excellent gift for boys or gaming enthusiasts. It can be given as a birthday gift or for any special occasion.
  5. Edition: This particular edition is designed for kids, ensuring that the game is age-appropriate and engaging for children.
  6. Type: War Games: The game falls under the war games category, allowing players to strategize and compete against each other.
  7. Applicable Age Group: This board game is suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years old.
  8. Major Material: Made from durable and high-quality ABS material, ensuring longevity and reliability.
Edition:Kids Edition
Type:War Games
Applicable Age Group:3 Years Old (exclusive) - 6 Years Old (inclusive)
Major Material:ABS
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