48 Packs Canvas Painting Kit Mini Easel Panels and Bulk White Blank Canvases LRB0

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48 Packs
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  • Key Features:
  • 48 Packs Canvases For Painting: This set includes 48 blank canvases in various shapes (hexagon, round, and rectangle) and sizes (8 x 10 inches and 15.24 x 17.78 cm). With 48 canvases, artists have an abundant supply to bring their creative ideas to life.
  • 8 Mini Easels Included: The package also includes 8 mini easels, providing a convenient and stable surface for displaying the finished artworks. These easels are easy to assemble and perfect for showcasing paintings at home or in galleries.
  • Canvas Panels For Oil Watercolor Painting Kit: These canvas panels are suitable for various painting mediums, including oil and watercolor. The high-quality surface allows for smooth brush strokes and easy application of paints, enhancing the overall painting experience.
  • Small White Blank Canvas Boards Bulk: The canvases come in a pristine white color, providing a clean canvas for artists to express their creativity. Each canvas board is made of durable wood, ensuring long-lasting use and resistance to warping or bending.
  • Material: Wood: The canvas boards are made of wood, providing a sturdy and stable base for painting. This material ensures that the canvases remain durable and reliable during the creative process.
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48 Packs