French Boho Duvet Cover Set with Pompom Soft and Charming - SNFX

Color: White

Beige Gray
Burnt Orange

Duvet Cover Size: 229cm*229cm

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Product Description:

Yo, listen up! We got the dopest stuff for your bedroom vibes! Introducing the 3pcs Charming French Boho Duvet Cover Set, the ultimate solid color bedding set that will take your room from zero to fire in no time. Made with 100% polyester and woven using the finest techniques, this set guarantees max comfort and a fresh look. It's perfect for both your bedroom or guest room - all you need to complete the set is one duvet cover and two pillowcases (without core, obvi).

But wait, there's more! This all-season bedding set is designed with a zipper closure, so say goodbye to the struggle of fitting your duvet inside. And the solid color pattern brings a touch of class to your sleep sanctuary. Oh, and the special features? They're just out of this world!

Bullet Points:

  • [Super Soft Comfort]: Say goodbye to rough nights and hello to cozy dreamland. This duvet cover set is ultra-soft and feels like a cloud hugging you to sleep. No more tossing and turning, just pure comfort.
  • [Stylish Solid Color]: Who needs basic when you can have fabulous? The solid color pattern adds a touch of sophistication to your room, making you the envy of your squad. It's time to level up, my friend!
  • [Easy Peasy Zipper Closure]: Sick of the never-ending struggle to put your duvet in the cover? We gotchu covered. This set comes with a handy zipper closure that makes it a breeze to change your bedding. No stress, all chill.
  • [All-Season Awesomeness]: Whether it's sweltering summer or freezing winter, this duvet cover set has got your back. Its all-season design ensures that you stay cool in the heat and cozy in the cold. Talk about versatility!
  • [Perfectly Versatile]: Can't decide on a theme for your room? No worries! This boho duvet cover set is the ultimate chameleon. Its versatile look matches any decor style you throw at it, making it the ultimate bedroom essential.


Care Instructions Machine Wash
All-season All-season
Closure Type Zipper
Patterned Solid color
Theme Other Topics
Special Features Other Special Functions
Included Components Multiple Components
Cover Material 100% Polyester
Weaving Method Woven
Duvet Insert No Duvet Insert
Item ID EM26288

Why Buy This?

Hey, hear me out: this duvet cover set is straight-up elevating your sleep game. With its super soft comfort and stylish solid color, you'll be sleeping like royalty. No more struggling to change your bedding - the easy-peasy zipper closure has got your back. Plus, this set is so versatile that it can match any room vibe you're going for. And did I mention it's all-season? No more sweaty summers or freezing winters!

So, why settle for mediocre bedding when you can have the best? Upgrade your bedroom game now and create the sleep sanctuary you've always dreamed of. You deserve it!

Additional Information

White, Beige Gray, Burnt Orange, Camel

Duvet Cover Size

229cm*229cm, 264cm*229cm