Inflatable Kids Pool with Sprinkler Fun Backyard Water Party - 5JFC

Size: Dia 150*41cm

Dia 150*41cm
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Key Features:

  • Inflatable Kid Pool: This product is an inflatable kid pool designed for children to enjoy water activities in a safe and entertaining way.
  • Swimming Pool For Kids With Sprinkler: The pool is equipped with a built-in sprinkler that sprays water, adding an element of fun and excitement to the playtime.
  • Funny Blow Up Pool: The pool comes in a funny and attractive design, featuring vibrant colors and playful patterns that can capture children's attention and create a joyful atmosphere.
  • Full-Sized Family Pool: With ample space, this inflatable pool provides enough room for a whole family to enjoy together, allowing parents and kids to bond and have a great time under the sun.
  • Suitable for Backyard Use: This pool is designed for backyard use, making it a convenient option for creating a fun water oasis in your own outdoor space.
  • Perfect for Summer Water Party Supplies: Whether it's for a family gathering, birthday party, or simply a cool summer day, this inflatable kid pool is a perfect addition to any water-themed party.
  • Included Components: The package includes multiple components needed for setting up the pool, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process for parents.
  • Applicable Age Group: This kid pool is suitable for children aged 8 years old and above, providing entertainment and enjoyment for a specific age range.
Included Components:Multiple Components
Applicable Age Group:8 Years Old (not Included) - 12 Years Old (included)
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Dia 150*41cm