Kids Play House Tool Table with SelfBacking Battery  H26P

Kids Play House Tool Table with SelfBacking Battery - H26P

Items: 246pcs Workbench (with Electric Drill)

246pcs Workbench (with Electric Drill)
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  • Key Features:
  • Play House Tool Table: This toy set includes a play house tool table that allows children to engage in imaginative play as they pretend to repair and build things.
  • Simulation Screw Screws: The tool table comes with simulation screw screws that can be easily inserted and removed, providing a realistic play experience for kids.
  • Disassembly And Disassembly Toys: The set also includes disassembly and assembly toys, allowing children to practice their motor skills and problem-solving abilities while taking things apart and putting them back together.
  • Gift Boxed: This product comes in an attractive gift box, making it a perfect choice for gifting on birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion.
  • Gifts For Kids (Self-Backing Battery): The tool table requires a self-backing battery for certain features, adding an element of excitement and interactive play for children.
  • Applicable Age Group: This toy is designed for children aged 3 to 6 years old, providing an age-appropriate play experience.
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246pcs Workbench (with Electric Drill)