Microscale Building Blocks Toy Set: Adult Collectible - TJRAOBL

Color: Gray

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**Product Details**

Key Features:

- Main Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). This product's primary material is ABS, prized for its durability, impact resistance, and versatility. ABS is commonly used in various consumer products due to its strength and reliability.

- Theme: Movie. Designed with a movie theme, this product likely features elements inspired by popular films or franchises. It may include characters, symbols, or designs that evoke the atmosphere of beloved movies, appealing to fans and enthusiasts.

- Applicable Age Group: 14+. Tailored for individuals aged 14 years and older, this product caters to the interests and preferences of teenagers and adults, aligning with the themes and content typically enjoyed by this age group.

This ABS product, themed around movies and suitable for individuals aged 14 and older, likely offers a blend of entertainment, collectibility, and nostalgia for fans of popular films or franchises.