Motion Sensor Night Light: Rechargeable LED - TJRA610

Model: 2-in-1 Night Light

2-in-1 Night Light
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**Product Details**

Key Features:

- Material: Plastic. Constructed primarily of plastic, this product offers durability and lightweight characteristics.

- Lamp Shade Material: Plastic. The lamp shade of this product is also made of plastic, ensuring uniform light diffusion and easy maintenance.

- Style: Modern. Designed in a modern style, this product features sleek lines and contemporary aesthetics.

- Theme: Sports. Inspired by sports themes, this product brings a dynamic and energetic vibe to your space.

- Special Features: Motion-sensor. It includes a motion-sensor feature, allowing the light to automatically turn on when motion is detected, adding convenience and energy efficiency.

- Lighting Method: Adjustable. This product offers adjustable lighting, providing flexibility to customize the illumination according to your needs.

- Room Type: Various Room Types. Suitable for various room types, this product can be used in a wide range of settings to enhance the ambiance.

- Metal Finish Type: Other Types. The metal components of this product feature a finish categorized as other types, indicating a unique or proprietary finish.

- Patterned: Other Patterns. This product features patterns other than solid color, adding visual interest and personality to its design.

- Mounting Type: Countertop. Designed for countertop mounting, this product is versatile and can be placed on various surfaces.

- Included Components: USB Cable. It comes with a USB cable included, providing a convenient power supply option.

- Mounting Location: Tabletop. This product is intended to be mounted on a tabletop surface, offering flexibility in placement.

- Control Method: Motion Sensor. It can be controlled via a motion sensor, offering hands-free operation and convenience.

- Power Supply: USB Powered. This product is powered by USB, providing flexibility and convenience in power source options.

- Battery Properties: Rechargeable Battery. It includes a rechargeable lithium battery, allowing for wireless operation and easy recharging.

This modern-style lamp, featuring a motion-sensor and adjustable lighting, offers convenience and versatility for illuminating your space. With its sports-themed design and rechargeable battery, it provides a dynamic and energy-efficient lighting solution suitable for various settings.

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2-in-1 Night Light