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Orii - The Voice Powered Ring Black-IUCC

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Quick overview 

  • The Ultimate Voice Assistant Ring,
  • Check new messages- control your music  and complete everyday tasks without a screen- all at your fingertip.,
  • Custom notifications - Assigned personalized LED colors and vibration patterns so you know what messages you are receiving. Stay connected with those who matter.,
  • Instant messaging - Hear your text messages through your fingertip and compose messages by speaking through a pair of microphones inside. Perfect for sending short texts on-the-go.,
  • Quick calls - Take and make quick calls with just one press of a button. ORII lets you know the incoming call number- so just leave your phone in your bag.,
  • Voice assistant - ORII makes your phone's voice assistant more convenient than ever before putting it at your fingertip. Wake up your Voice Assistant with a single press.,
  • Listen discreetly - Never miss an important message even in meetings. Just listen to it discreetly. Only you can hear it.