Pet Ball Launcher with Food Reward Machine ZGQQ

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  • Automatic Pet Tennis Ball Launcher: This innovative dog toy is designed to automatically launch tennis balls, providing endless entertainment and exercise for your furry friend.

  • Dog Food Leakage Device: The unique design of this toy also doubles as a dog food leakage device, allowing you to use it as a reward machine during training sessions. Simply fill the feeding tray with your dog's favorite food and let them work for their treats.

  • Fetch Tennis Ball Dog Training Toy: With the ability to launch tennis balls, this toy is perfect for playing fetch with your dog. It helps improve their agility, coordination, and provides mental stimulation.

  • 2pcs Feeding Tray and Scoop: The toy comes with two feeding trays, allowing you to easily switch between two different types of treats. The included scoop makes it convenient to fill the trays and keeps the process mess-free.

  • Material: Plastic: Made from durable and non-toxic plastic, this toy is safe for your pet to use and can withstand rough play.

  • Battery Properties: Without Battery: This product does not require batteries, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Enjoy quality playtime with your furry companion while also providing them with mental stimulation and rewards using the Automatic Pet Tennis Ball Launcher, Dog Food Leakage Device Fetch Tennis Ball Dog Training Toy. This innovative toy is made from durable plastic and does not require batteries. It can launch tennis balls for endless rounds of fetch and doubles as a food leakage device for training purposes. The toy comes with two feeding trays and a scoop for easy use. Enhance your pet's physical and mental capabilities with this entertaining and practical toy.

Battery Properties:Without Battery