Portable Abdominal Muscle Trainer 1pc Pushup Board - KOW8

Color: White + Timer

White + Timer
White Timing + Tension Rope
Gray Black Timing + Tension Rope
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Product Details

  • Power Mode: Battery Powered
  • Operating Voltage: ≤36V
  • Material: PP (polypropylene)

Key Features:

  1. Push-up Board: This product comes with a push-up board that allows you to comfortably perform push-ups and build upper body strength. The board is designed with multiple color-coded positions to target specific muscles, making it a versatile tool for strength training.
  2. Plank Support Aid: Apart from push-ups, this product also functions as a plank support aid. It provides stability and comfort while performing planks, helping you strengthen your core muscles effectively.
  3. Multi-purpose Design: With its versatile design, this product can be used for a variety of exercises, including push-ups, planks, and abdominal muscle training. It offers a convenient solution for individuals looking to enhance their overall strength and fitness levels.
  4. Portable and Lightweight: Made from durable and lightweight polypropylene material, this product is highly portable. It can be easily carried to different locations, making it suitable for home workouts, gym sessions, or outdoor exercise routines.
  5. Battery Powered: The power mode for this product is battery-powered, ensuring convenience and flexibility during use. It eliminates the need for a power outlet, allowing you to exercise in a variety of settings without limitations.
  6. Easy to Use: This product is designed for user-friendly functionality. Simply select the desired position on the push-up board or use it as a plank support aid, and start your exercise routine. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts.
  7. Enhanced Abdominal Muscle Trainer: By incorporating this product into your workout regimen, you can effectively train and strengthen your abdominal muscles. The push-up board and plank support aid provide targeted engagement of the core muscles, helping you achieve a toned and strong midsection.
  8. Suitable for Strength Training: Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, this product is ideal for strength training. It allows you to target specific muscle groups and adjust the intensity of your workout by varying the positions on the push-up board.
Power Mode:Battery Powered
Operating Voltage:≤36V
Material:PP (polypropylene)
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White + Timer, White Timing + Tension Rope, Gray Black Timing + Tension Rope