Djembe Drum Set with Tambourine and Bag-QGFV

Items: Vibrant Purple Cartoon(20.32 Cm)

Vibrant Purple Cartoon(20.32 Cm)
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  • West African Style Djembe Drum: This percussion instrument is crafted in the traditional West African style, offering authentic sound and aesthetic.
  • Light Tambourine: The included tambourine adds an extra element of percussion to your music making.
  • Enlightenment Musical Instruments: Perfect for beginners looking to explore the world of percussion and music.
  • Includes Drum Bag, Straps, and Wristband: Everything you need to keep your djembe drum safe and secure while on the go.
  • Random Color: Each set comes in a surprise color, adding a fun and unique touch to your musical experience.

This set is perfect for anyone looking to dive into the world of percussion and explore the rich sounds of West African music. With all the necessary accessories included, you can start playing and creating music right away. Perfect as a gift for beginners or seasoned musicians looking to expand their collection.

Case or Bag Included: With-bag
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Vibrant Purple Cartoon(20.32 Cm)