Household Spin Mop Set-LNB8

Color: Elegant Blue (double Pole, Double Mop, 4 Mop Heads)

Elegant Blue (double Pole, Double Mop, 4 Mop Heads)
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Product Details

  • Household Spin Mop Flat Mop And Bucket Set: This set includes a total of 4 mop cloths, making it perfect for cleaning various surfaces in your home.

  • Household Rotating Floor Mop: The rotating feature of this mop allows for easy maneuverability and efficient cleaning.

  • Hands-free Wash Mop: Say goodbye to dirty hands with this hands-free wash mop, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Dust Removal Mop: The mop is designed to effectively remove dust and dirt from your floors with ease.

  • Dry And Wet Use: Whether you need to dry mop or wet mop, this set is versatile and suitable for all cleaning needs.

  • Perfect For Home, Kitchen, Bathroom Floor: This mop set is ideal for cleaning various areas in your home, including the kitchen and bathroom floors.

  • Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning Tool: This set is a must-have cleaning tool for any household, providing you with the supplies you need to keep your home clean and tidy.

Applicable Scene:Living Room
Item ID:HP55985
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Elegant Blue (double Pole, Double Mop, 4 Mop Heads)